Closing ceremony of training course for Somali robust police by Italain Carabinieri


Amb. Andrea Mazzella
SomaiPolice20130417_2High representatives of the Djiboutian Government, the Somali Government, the Italian Government, the Italian Carabinieri, the African Union, AMISOM, diplomats and military attaches accredited to Djibouti, attended yesterday Tuesday 16th April the closing ceremony of the training course conducted by the Italian Carabinieri, in coordination with the African Union, for 200 units of the Somali robust police. The course, held at the Police Academy in Djibouti, saw 197 Somali students successfully graduated, after being trained by a team of 32 Italian Carabinieri with the support of AMISOM police.

The course, centered on the management of public order, was especially focused on the issues of study of the Criminal Code, on the maintaining of public security and the respect for human rights, as well as on counter-terrorism techniques.

The units of the Somali police trained by the Italian Carabinieri, according to the agreements reached with the Somali Authorities, will now be employed for the maintenance of security, particularly in the Somali capital, recently marred by vile acts of terrorism, and placed in defense of the legitimate national Institutions.

With this further practical contribution, the Italian Government confirmed its support to the Somali Institutions, particularly the armed forces and the police, to counter the continuing threat of terrorism and for strengthening the security conditions, in close coordination with the European Union, the African Union, AMISOM forces, and with the other international stakeholders mostly involved in this front.

In order to increase the Italian support in the security sector, it was also planned to organize, in the coming weeks, further contacts between the delegations of the respective Ministries of Defense, aimed at examining new areas of cooperation.