Somalia: Faroole calls for prosecution of warlords in Somalia parliament


The president of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland Abdirahman Mohamed Faroole has called for the prosecution of warlords in the federal parliament, RBC Radio reports.

“I would call for the prosecution of warlords who still remain inside the parliament for killing thousands of Somalis.” president Faroole said during speaking a dinner-ceremony in Garowe on Sunday evening which the president of Somalia federal government attended.

“I believe that they ought to weight the justice and sued for destructing the country’s government and opposing several peace process.” Faroole added.

President Faroole also commended the role of his state for concluding the process of transition last year which led to the election of the current president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

On Sunday, President Hassan has paid his first visit to Puntland ahead of the London Conference to discuss a wide range of issues and brief President Faroole on the deliverables of the Conference.

The visit which will take two days is part of a tour of all the regions of Somalia.