Speech by the deputy speaker of the Somali Parliament to the Norwegion stortinget (Parliament)


Jeylani20130413Honorable Mr. Chaudry Vice President of the Storting, The committee chairs, distinguish guests, ladies and gentlemen good morning.

My name is Jeylani and I’m the first deputy speaker of the Somali federal parliament.

Since the  Speaker urgently required to go back to Mogadishu for official constitutional duty so we apologize his absence.  Our constitution stipulates that the speaker must be inside the country when the president in away and stay as the acting president of the country.

I’m delighted and thankful for hosting us at the stortinget.

The parliament has taken many fruitful steps within the few months that they were elected into office under the leadership of Jawari.

–    Many legislations have been tabled and are in the process to be passed since our inception.

–    The parliament developed 4 year strategic plan with goals and objectives which provides the parliament directions to work.

–          The rules of procedures (ROP) has been adopted and being implemented.

–    The parliamentary committees and standing committees was established.

–   President of the republic has been elected, the prime minster together with his cabinet and government program endorsed.

–   We also approved 2013 budget.

Below are some of the important subjects the parliament and the government in general trying to achieve:

  1. Security

Security tops the priorities of all Somalis including the parliament.  The Somali government with support from the AMISOM improved the security in Mogadishu and as well some regions of the country.


This is a key area which we need partners from friendly countries.  For instance the solar street lightening project funded by the Norwegian government in Mogadishu was fruitful.  We requested projects like that to be increased and at least in the future taken to liberated area from Alshabaab.

  1. Relation between the Parliament and the government.

The parliament closely works with the government and has good working relationships.  However, the parliament is independent from the government and cannot influence to perform its constitutional duties.

The committees are doing their oversight duties; for example certain committees called different Ministers for questioning and some of them were done live over TVS.

  1. Collaboration between the Norwegian parliament and the Somali parliament

We learned a lot from the study tour for the few days we were here and we hope to continue this type of assistance and friendly support from the Norwegian parliament.

I want to thank the Norwegian government for their sincere support and we will take back the Norwegian experience we have gained while back from here to the Somalia Federal Parliament.

We highly appreciated the funding of the parliamentary committee halls promised by the ministry of international development.

We will highly appreciated to establish inter-parliamentary relation between our two parliaments to exchange expertise know how and access to the library and research facilities.



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