The African Union (AU) Special Representative for Somalia calls for an immediate end to hostilities in Kismayo


The African Union Special Representative for Somalia (SRCC) Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif has condemned the violence in Kismayo and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

The SRCC asks AMISOM forces to help in the cessation of hostilities in the city while protecting civilians.

“We strongly condemn the reported loss of civilian life. AMISOM forces will always protect and help the most vulnerable in Kismayo and throughout Somalia. The Kismayo people and leaders must capitalize on the security gains made by AMISOM, the Somali security forces and their allies, to further peace and prosperity and not engage in violence. They must put an immediate end to this fighting that only serves to complicate and disrupt the process of stabilizing Somalia.” said Ambassador Annadif.

Ambassador Annadif has reiterated AMISOM’s commitment to minimizing the impact of the conflict on the civilian population particularly the most vulnerable sections of society. He has urged all forces active in the area to follow this example.

AMISOM takes its mandate very seriously and in working with IGAD and other partners, remains committed to supporting ongoing efforts towards national reconciliation and unity, as well as the efforts to rebuild the armed forces and integrate the militias.