The First Setback for the Disruptive Clan Federalism


In the preceding week, we were looking forward impatiently to what the Somali federal parliament would judge on the motion against jubbaland parliament. It was the judgment between justice and injustice, between right and Wrong.

All victims and peace loving people have rejoiced to hear today’s verdict and, no doubt, it will go down in the history and its implications will definitely formulate a complete overhaul toward this flawed federalism policy.

The parliament should tighten their grip firmly on all defiance wherever its source and disregard to the illusive hues and cries from particular elements. We should keep on the safeguard of the constitution and help oppressed get their legal rights.

The Jubbaland enigma has consumed almost the term of current federal government and i feel the ramifications from today’s verdict will continue to haunt many figures.

Parliament should stay in rigorous on every attempt aimed at reversing the course. In the coming days there will be unusual tours to Nairobi or Addis for the plan B.

The parliament has every right and legality to deal with anyone that stands on their way. All their decisions are binding on AMISOM or any other peace keeping army on Somali soil.

If the verdict was not abided by those in uniforms either they are Somalis or non Somalis, the Parliament have the right to use its red cards for punitive action.