Pope Francis praised Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton. Here's who they were.


Why Pope Francis celebrated the life of Dorothy Day in his Capitol Hill address.

In his address to Congress Thursday, the Pope reminded them of all the people and things they're busily trying to forget about or have spent their careers legislating against (the poor, the oppressed, people in prison, the 

Dorothy Day inspired the Catholic Worker movement. She died in 1980.Credit John Orris/The New York Times. One of the four Americans Pope Francis held up to Congress as examples of individuals who worked “to build a better future” was Dorothy Day.

The Pope, To Congress, Namechecks Dorothy Day And The Catholic Worker. posted by Mike on September 24th, 2015. I follow everything Pope Francis does with interest, and so far his trip to the US has been a real treat. But I was not 

Before Dorothy Day became a devout Catholic — the sort who's being considered for canonization and was given a shout out by Pope Francis in his address to Congress — she was, in some people's views, far from saintly. She was a radical journalist, an