Somalia’s most intriguing people in 2015



Ahmed Naji Sa’ad is Somali singer-songwriter. He has spanned more than five decades which influenced a generation of Somali musicians. His music career began when he was very young. Sa’ad is music genius, because he recorded countless albums without producers and worked immensely to attract many in his music career. With his application of avant-garde song writing techniques, and ability to perform his own music throughout his career made him fame.

Furthermore, his songs are combined with the theme of love and patriotism which inspires thousands of Somalis across the country. While enduring his music, Sa’ad became known Al- Ustadz. Al-Ustadz defined as “the teacher” which made him one of the most renowned and influential musicians in Somalia. His music not only made him enormously popular, but also earned him a large fan base.

Until today, Al-Ustadz writes music for the people of Somalia to reflect on their cultural traditions, and continue to find a pathway to demonstrate excellence. Nowadays, Al-Ustadz crusades peace and reconciliation to further develop key lyrics to include empathy in his music. Therefore, his music is the best tool for him to convey the message of peace to Somalia.

Al- Ustadz also performs songs on numerous events including, the peace live performance in Amsterdam. In September 2015, he appeared at Rai Expo 2015 in Milano with his musical instrument Oud. Al-Ustadz was interviewed by Rai Tv due to his tremendous efforts to value old traditional Somali music.

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Sugal Abdulle is well known for his tremendous acting skills in the Magaalo Joog XumoComedy series. Magaalo Joog Xumo was the first Somali Comedy played in Somali National TV. Abdulle became one of the best actors in the comedy, Magalo Joog Xumo during the 80s and 90s. Due to his talented efforts, Abdulle is well known for his humour and charisma in performing one of the most famous comedy series for the nation of Somalia. His performance in Magalo Joog Xumo sparked interest people of Somalia. Meanwhile, Abdulle not only entertained the people of Somalia, but also played the role of a peacemaker. When the civil war erupted in Somalia, Abdulle became a well- known poet and wrote mainly on the topic of peace. He wrote numerous of poems in order for the people of Somalia to end the war and value the lives of millions who fought and died in the war. His poems captured the themes of peace, love, and harmony which enlightened the mindset of millions of civilians in Somalia. Although visionaries are known to predict the future, Abdulle looked further and predicted the outcome of the Somali civil war. Until today, the Abdulle‘s poems echoes and impact Somali civil war.Please click this link to watch Magaalo Joog Xumo. 

Please click this link to watch the poems written by Sugal Abdulle.

When Al-Qaida attacked Shamo Hotel, and killed students, teachers, and leaders. The Qaylodhan band released a song named “Qaylodhan” which touched the hearts of many across Somalia. Due to their excellence, the Qaylodhan band inspired the people of Somalia in the past few years. Qaylodhan band devoted to promote peace and reconciliation in Somalia. In addition, the band contributes greater determination to fight against the terrorist. Until today, Qaylodhan is well known to promote patriotism. Qaylodhan band is against Terrorist, and their music is louder and powerful to defeat the terrorist. It is conceivable that they will annihilate the terrorists due to their influential music. Please click this link to watch