Somalia: Joint AU/Govt. Troops Recover Town of Janale



The peacekeeping forces of the African Union (Amisom), supported by the national Army, recovered today the southern town of Janale, which had been under Al Shabab control.

Abdi Ibrahim Shamow, police commander of the Lower Shebelle region, said that the AU/Government troops took over the town with little resistance from the insurgents.

However, he added that members of the anti-government organization “tried to resist, but they failed and were left out of the area. They knew we were stronger; there was no victim.”

The joint AU/Government forces intensified their security operations recently in the region, he noted.

Press reports recalled that Al Shabab attacked the base of Amisom in Janale in September last year, when they took the town, killing 70 soldiers.

That armed group is fighting to topple the Somali Government and often launches deadly attacks at urban centers.

In 2015, Al Shabab became one of the most active armed organizations in Africa. It emerged as a successor of the Islamic Courts Union, and controlled Mogadishu in 2006 before it was expelled by Amisom forces.

It is estimated to have some 7,000 members.