Al-Shabaab attacks police headquarters in Mogadishu, police officers are among the dead


A loaded explosive suicide car blew into the gates of Somali police headquarters in Mogadishu, killing five people as the police and other eye witnesses said Monday.

Two police officers, two attackers and one civilian were among those killed in the blast, witnesses said.

A police officer told that al-Shabaab planned to get control the police headquarters that would have caused more casualties than now, but the police forces there made their best prevention as they shot dead two of the militiamen, he added.

On the other side Radio Andalus, al-Shabaab’s mouthpiece in Somalia told their militia men attacked one of their most targets in Mogadishu, killing nine police officers, although no independent source confirmed similarly.

The attacked police headquarters is few hundred miters away from the Turkish and Emirates embassies in Mogadishu.

The ousted al-Shabaab from most of their key stronghold positions continuous deadly attacks across the government controlled regions in the country.

Adam Shardi Ahmed
Dulqaadka Media
Mogadishu- Somalia