Puntland leader in Galkayo amid worsening insecurity



The leader of Puntland Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas is paying a visit to the central town of Galkayo amid the city is facing assassinations and security challenges.

Mr Gaas is reportedly having talks with local authority to focus on security and shape a new measures to tackle the growing insecurity and targeted killings.

“The president is in Galkayo for days to make improvements about the security measures of the town and to meet the community to discuss ways to secure the city,” said the deputy governor of Mudug region Ahmed Muse Nur.

However, president Gaas’s Galkayo trip comes as the security situation in of the town is continuing to worsen day after day as several top government officials and female peace activist were assassinated in the town recently by gunmen.

Since the start of the holy month of Ramadan, at least three government officials were killed in the town, and no group has claimed responsibility for the assassinations.