Al Shabaab fighters sneak into Mogadishu – Official



A senior Somali military commander says Al Shabaab has sent hundreds of fighters to Mogadishu, in an attempt to disrupt the upcoming elections due to later this year.

Col Ali Yusuf Mo’alin, the military officer said after losing ground to Govt and AU troops, Al Shabaab decided to infiltrate into Mogadishu and carry out attacks during the elections.

“There are intelligence reports that Al Shabaab fighters sneaked into Mogadishu and planning to execute attacks during the forthcoming election,” he said.

Early this month, Somali president Hassan Sheikh has warned possible Al Shabaab attacks during the elections, due to be held in September and October.

Mohamud has called on Somali and AMISOM troops to secure the election sites in the country and prevent Al Shabaab from disrupting the electoral process.