Somalia faces security challenges from inner politicians, says president



The president of the federal republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamed has blamed local politicians and members of his government for the current insecurity gripping the country.

Mohamud said the inner politicians, including MPs are obstructing to the security measures tackling the insecurity of the country as they release seized Al Shabaab suspects from prisons.

“Al Shabaab fighters have no any clan background, borders, they are global fanatics and phenomenon, so we should deal with the insecurity and the militants,” Somali president said.

On the other hand, president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called on the government officials to stop releasing Al Shabaab prisoners from jails and help security forces maintain law and order.

Somali federal government has been accused of failing to protect its citizens and tackle the insecurity and lawlessness in the country, due to the growing insecurity and Al Shabaab attacks.