US denies one of its soldiers killed in Somalia attack



It’s getting busy in Somalia. Somali and American special forces found themselves in a gunfight eight days ago in the southern part of Somalia, The New York Times reported.

“The raid took place last Wednesday, when a contingent of elite American troops acting as military advisers accompanied Somali forces in an assault on a Shabab checkpoint in Saakow, a remote outpost in southern Somalia that has become a notorious hide-out for the militants… As the Somali-led force approached the checkpoint, the militants opened fire, setting off a gun battle, said Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Falvo, a spokesman for the United States military’s Africa Command. Three Shabab militants died; no Americans were hurt.”

Reports surfaced late last evening on social media that an American troop was killed in a fight (if not that fight), but the Pentagon’s spokesman, Capt. Jeff Davis, tells The D Brief, “This claim is not true. We have not had a U.S. casualty in Somalia.”

Adds the Times: “Rumors have been circulating in Nairobi that the Shabab’s leader, Abu Ubaidah, was killed in an American strike in Saakow last week. But Commander Falvo said that the American military was still assessing the results of the operation, and that it was too early to determine whether any senior Shabab commanders had been killed.”