Kenyan police clash with Al shabaab in Mandera town



A night guard was Monday night shot dead when police guarding Governor Ali Roba clashed with gunmen clad in buibui in Mandera town in an attack.

The officers were driving through the town Monday night when they met the ‘women’ and stopped, imagining they needed help. The governor was not present at the time of the incident.

A shoot out ensued and left the guard at a nearby premise dead. He was shot in the buttocks and bled to death. The gunmen escaped towards the Kenya- Somalia border. This is the latest of such attacks in the town with fears of similar incidents occurring due to political tensions in the area.

At the same time, Police are investigating an incident in which an Administration police (AP) officer shot dead his colleague during an argument in Tigania East, Meru County. The incident happened in Gambela AP camp within Mikinduri police Station of Tigania East police Division.