Surveillance drone crashes in Lower Shabelle region.



A small Surveillance drone believed to be belonging U.S. military has crashed in Al shabaab stronghold in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia on Friday night, Sources said.
The Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al-Shabaab said that an American unmanned aircraft had come down near Barire, about 4Km away from Awdhegle town under its control.
Confirming the incident, local residents said the unmanned aircraft has been conducting a surveillance mission to monitor Al shabaab activities in Lower Shabelle region before it gone down.
Al shabaab militants have recovered the wreckage the drone crash and launched an investigation into the incident, according to reports.
Drones have been used by the U.S. to attack or observe Al-Qaeda-linked Al shabaab in southern Somalia. However, the US Africa Command di not confirm the latest drone crash.