The Federal Government of Somalia condemns the latest terrorist attack as barbaric and inhumane, meant to harm civilians


The minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, H.E. Dahir Mohamud Gelle has briefed the media about the terrorist attack on the Ministry of Interior and Federalism Affairs in Mogadishu on Saturday 7 July 2018.

The minister said that the terrorist attack was reduced to the minimum impact opposed to the fact that al-Shabab planned to cause the maximum harm, thanks to brave Somali National Forces who prevented their plan to be executed as intended.

“The attack was un-Islamic, planning to cause their usual outcome of disturbing the peace in Somali families as they maim and kill innocent civilians in their barbaric attacks, damaging civilian properties, destroying the Reputation of Somalia.” Said Minister Gelle.

He added that the Federal government of Somalia exerted all of its efforts to ensure peace and security and prevent such attacks. In this incident the government succeeded preventing al-Shabab to storm the premises of the ministry of interior as the National Somali Army (SNA) forces succeeded in killing all of the attackers before they could cause further harm.

The Minister said the terrorists wounded and killed a number of innocent civilians at the premises of the ministry of Interior. The government is committed to defend its people and help the medical treatment of the wounded, if there is need for the most critical to treat them outside the country so the federal government will do its utmost to ensure they are treated outside the country.

The minister asked what does al-Shabab contribute to the country? During floods, they do not help people in need but rather they destroy the bridges which civilians would use to make living hell for the people! During droughts al-Shabab does not come out to aiding the civilians affected! But, they prevent the aid provided by the government and its international partners to reach the needy!

They do not treat the children, women and men who are wounded but they cause harm that they would not want their children and women to face.

“We know that those spoilers’ families live in government controlled areas of Mogadishu, but the government would not harm their families. We only would like you to know that these men who are attacking the Somali children are not ready to move their children where they live but their children live with the same people they said are non-beliviers or apostates. If what they believe are right why don’t their children live with them? They should ask those questions themselves.” Said the information Minister.

“Al-Shabab is synonymous with death and injury, destroying bridges, preventing aid, bombs and attacks, widowed women, causing children to orphanage. al-Shabab is not seen to be contributing to otherwise such as prosperity, peace and justice, opening roads, buildings, public consultation, future aspirations, none of those exists under al-Shabab. Their dark activities will shortlive.” Concluded the minister.