Somali Galmudug Sufi group announces parallel poll committee


The Galmudug regional state’s head of government, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir Ali Hassan, who doubles as the leader of the Sufi group Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama’ah, on 22 October appointed a technical committee to oversee the state election process.

The move is in defiance of the federal government, which previously formed a similar committee that was rejected by the group.

The appointment of the new committee also comes despite the fact that Somali Interior Minister Abdi Mohamed Sabriye is in Dhusomareb holding meetings with Ahlu Sunnah leaders.

The interior ministry was preparing to bring members of the government-appointed technical electoral committee to Dhusomareb in the coming days, so the announcement of a new committee by Shakir bespeaks a new dispute in the Galmudug election process.

The following are members of the technical electoral committee appointed by the government.

Abdullahi Farah Bille

Ahmed Dhiblawe Asir

Abdi Mohamud Fidow

Mahad Hassan Nur Yussuf

Salhan Hashi Farah

Mohamed Ahmed Maalin

Ali Bashi Farah Ali

Sharmake Mohamed Warsame

Yasin Sheikh Mohamed Abdirahman

Muhudin Sheikh Abdullahi Osman

Abdishakur Isse Hashi

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