AMISOM begins 4-day capacity building workshop for Somali legislators


A workshop on local administration, security and governance for Somali legislators today kicked off in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The 4-day workshop organized by AMISOM’s Political Unitwas officially opened by the AU Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador MahamatSalehAnnadif.

Amb. Annadif called for a moment of silence to be observed at the onset of the ceremony in honour of the victims of yesterday’s terror attack on the United Nations Common Compound.

The workshop will be attended by members of parliament from the Committee on National Security, Interior and Governance, their administrative staff and other members of the House. It is intended to give the committee members an overview of the key concepts to enhancetheir oversight role.

As part of AMISOM’s mandate to assist the Federal Government of Somalia in establishing effective and legitimate governance, this workshop will provide technical knowhow to the legislators as they will be taken through the concepts of national security, local administration and federalism drawing from lessons learnt and global best practices.

Ambassador MahamatSaleh Annadif reiterated AMISOM’s commitment to the legislators as they deal with the daunting task of establishing parliament as an effective arm of the government.

“Parliament also known as the House of the People and its members have a critical role to play in Somalia to consolidate the political and security gains made so far through legislation and oversight of government policies, in Somalia’s quest for peace and stability,” said Ambassador Annadif.

The workshop will be facilitated by local and regional experts.