Court in Somaliland sentenced a man to death


Somaliland high court has today sentenced Mohamed Ahmed Hirse, 24 years of age, to death penalty after he was convinced guilty of killing his wife Farhio in the north eastern town of Burco last week.

Declaring the decision by the court, Somaliland high court magistrate Yusuf Ismail said that Mohamed was sentenced death penalty after the accused was found guilty of stabbing his wife Farhio to death in Burco last Monday.

The accused also admitted that he hacked his wife to death.

The magistrate added that the court has used the verse of the Kuran that sentenced murderers since Somaliland constitution bases on the Islamic rule of law.

Mohmed Ahmed Hirsi who was today sentenced to death by a court in Hargeisa was reportedly stabbed his wife.


Source: Bar-kulan