Heavy fighting between federal government troops and Raskamboni militia in the lower Juba region


14 soldiers from different sides have been reported dead after a heavy fighting broke up between troops who fall under the federal government and Raskamboni militia troops in Hosingow town in the lower Juba region.

The heavy fighting lasted for hours and both sides have not yet released any statements about the losses incurred during the fighting.

It has been confirmed that rocket propelled grenades were fired from the Kenyan military base located at the outskirts of Hosigow town.

However, souces have not confirmed whether the Kenyan troops took part in the heavy infighting between the Somali troops.

The situation in the town has now returned to calm and elders residing from the region have called for an immediate ceasefire between the opponent sides.

The conflict in the lower Juba region has been fueled by the self declaration of Somali war lords all claiming to be the president of the proposed Jubaland state.


Source: Shabelle