Infighting between Alshabab troops in Barawe District


Residents of Barawe district in the lower Shabelle region of Somalia are living in fear after 2 Alshabab troops fought each other.

Fighting broke up between troops loyal to Ahmed Godane also known as (Sheikh Mukhtaar Abuu Zubeyr) and other troops loyal Omar Hamami also known as (Abu Mansur Al Amriki).

It is reported that Godane’s men killed a Sudanese Nationalist who belonged to Al Amriki’s troops and dragged his body in the streets of Barawe town.

Telecommunication was disabled by Godane’s men after they realized that Almiriki’s men were plotting an attack on his troops.

Heavy fighting occurred last night which resulted to the death of 6 militants from both sides.

Telecommunication was restored today but residents are worried fearing war might break up any time between the two Alshabab troops.

It is believed that the division between Alshabab troops is not yet settled as previously Ahmed Godane’s men and Al Amriki’s men clashed several times.

Latest news from Barawe town adds that an operation is being conducted by Godane’s men prosecuting the foreign troops led by Al Amriki. Godane’s men outmuscled Al Amriki’s men during the heavy fighting.

Source: Shabelle