President Hassan in London ahead of the G8 Summit.


XasanSheekh20130615The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sh. Mohamud, accompanied by Minister of Finance H.E. Mohamud Hassan Suleyman, is in London today where he will meet with several G8 leaders and attend the G8 OPEN FOR GROWTH: TAX, TRADE AND TRANSPARENCY event. The 3T’s are the theme of this year’s G8 Conference.

On this trip, President Hassan’s main aim is to engage the G8 leaders and encourage them to trade with and invest in Somalia. Since investment and trade will play significant roles in restoring peace, President Hassan is making sure that these leaders know that Somalia is increasingly open for business.

President Hassan will meet with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The UK Prime Minister and his administration continue to show unwavering support to the Federal Government of Somalia. The UK officially re-opened its embassy in Mogadishu after twenty years.

“Somalia is located in a very strategic area geographically. It has every possible potential in terms of location and natural resources for trade and investment. Today the world is ready to engage with Somalia more than ever before. We need to capitalize on this golden opportunity”, said President Hassan.

The President concluded his remarks by saying that job creation for the youth is one way of tackling the root causes of piracy and extremism and that youth employment is certainly key for Somalia’s development and stability.