President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud continues to urge peace and calm in Kismayo


Speaking to media today, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, addressed the issue of the violence in Kismayo and said:

“I call on the Elders, civil society and traditional leaders to bring all violence to an immediate end. This is your responsibility and the people of Kismayo will not accept any further fighting. All our communities have had enough conflict.

“We still only have one common enemy – Al Shabaab. They are against peace, against national unity and they are an insult to our religion.

“Fighting each other only weakens us and plays into their hands. We must stay united and strong and solve our differences peacefully through dialogue and reconciliation.

“The Government will host a reconciliation conference for the people in the Jubbas and Gedo regions very soon, where all views and opinions will be listened to. We must find our common ground and build on that for a peaceful future.”