Prime Minister moves to take charge of Somalia’s airspace


Somalia took a giant leap towards full control of its airspace today, as Cabinet approved a draft civil aviation law that will revolutionise sovereignty of the country’s skies.

“This law is going to help Somalia take charge of its airspace,” said Minister of Information, Transportation and Telecommunication Abdullahi Elmoge Hersi. “It helps economic growth, it helps job creation and it helps develops aviation skills for our nation. And it shows once again that we are in charge.”

The draft legislation now goes to parliament for debate and, once passed, will form the foundation of the new Somali aviation framework, with full control of Somali airspace being transferred by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation later this year.

Cabinet also agreed full government participation in the forthcoming National Education Conference for Somalia, a three-day congress between 18-20 June involving civil society and local administrations to develop a national curriculum. The Conference will “review current needs, achievements and challenges facing the education system to generate consensus on the critical challenges among all stakeholders”.

In a landmark, unanimous decision, Cabinet called upon foreign donors to route their support exclusively through the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

“For too many years aid to Somalia has been delivered in a very fragmented fashion, which is neither efficient nor desirable,” said His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon. “From now on we would like all international donors to channel their funding through the Ministry of Finance and Planning. We believe that will help achieve donor objectives and meet the needs of Somali people, while demonstrating appropriate respect for the Somali government and its policies.”

Finally, the defence minister reported the findings of his recent visit to Kismayo, discussing the progress achieved on security, centred on the important ceasefire agreed and the willingness of all sides to begin negotiations.