Somalia: Al-Shabaab Releases Photos of Captured Kenyan Police, Weapons


Photographs al-Shabaab posted Sunday (June 16th) on Twitter of two Kenyan police officers abducted last month are authentic, Dadaab District Commissioner Albert Kimathi told Sabahi.

He identified the officers as Fredrick Chirchir and Joseph Wambugu, who were abducted during raids on two police stations in Damajaleh last month.

“It is unfortunate the group claims that the two officers are prisoners of war, yet they were abducted away from the battlefield,” he said, adding that the government is working to provide psychological counseling to the victims’ families.

“These two Kafirs now bring the total number of Kenyan PoWs to 7, after one was executed a few months ago,” al-Shabaab posted on Twitter.

Kimathi expressed relief that some of the government officers abducted from Kenya are still alive. “We do not know who was killed yet as the group claims but it raises hope all may be alive,” he said.

In the initial raids, al-Shabaab killed six people including a 15-year-old boy, two police officers, a Red Cross official and two civilians.

Kimathi said security has been increased in villages along the border with Somalia.


Source: Sabahi