Somalia: Key international investor baffled by rumours of cancellation of airport contract


SKA an international company which has invested millions of dollars in Mogadishu’s Adan Ade international Airport is deeply baffled by rumours in Mogadishu which say that the Somali government has revoked a license which the company was managing the airport’s logistical and handling services.

A copy of statement from SKA , which Shabelle obtained, reads: “We have heard rumors that our contract for the airport management may be cancelled for no apparent reason, however we have not received anything official from the Somalia Federal Government and if this were to happen it would be very bad for the people of Somalia after all the efforts we have made to rehabilitate the Aden Adelle International Airport. We sincerely hope this will not happen and we are very much committed to supporting the Somalia Federal Government and developing the aviation and logistics business in Somalia”

SKA was the first international corporate which has dared to come to Mogadishu during one of the hardest times in the capital when the whole city was at risk of overrun by Islamist militants and the company has invested millions of dollars in renovating and re-employing all neccessary logistic services which made the airport operational again after many years of disuse and destruction.

The invesment which SKA poured into the airport has meanwhile created hundreds of jobs to the local people.

The rumours of that Somali government revoking SKA’s license emerged in Some Somali media outlets but there is no official statement from the Somali government and Shabelle tried to contact the Somali government but it didn’t succed to get hold of any government official on this matter.

Local analysts in Mogadishu, who spoke to Shabelle believe that if these rumours turn out to be true, it would damage Somalia more than SKA because many Somalis would lose the job, other international investors who might follow SKA’s way o finvesting Somalia, would be discouraged to come and invest in the country so they have called on the Somali government to issue a clear statement which can reassure SKA’s confindence to continue its investment in Somalia.

Source: Shabelle