Somalia’s interior minister requests Jubaland elders to gather the oppossing sides in the proposed Moghadisu meeting


Somalia’s interior minister Mr. Abdikarin Hussein Guled has requested elders residing from the Juba regions and Gedo to gather the oppossing sides to the grand Mogadishu meeting hosted by the federal government of Somalia.

In a media conference, Mr. Guled called for the elders of the region to fascilitate a reconciliation process between rival communities residing from the region. the reconciliation process will be hosted by the federal government of Somalia added the internal security minister.

the two Juba regions is accupied by different Somali communities and disputes emerged between rival communities on who to govern the proposed state.
clashes occured between clan militia in the capital of the region recently.

the ministers words comes as the government is expected to announce the official date of the proposed meeting which is to be held in Mogadishu.


Source: Shabelle