Kenya: Somali Minister Calls for Expulsion of Amisom From Kismayo


The Somali government has accused a section of the AMISOM troops of violating of their mandate and has further demanded a replacement of the section posted in the port city of Kismayo with “a more neutral African Union force”.

The Deputy Minister for Information, Telecommunication and Postal Services Abdishakur Ali Mire said that the Somali Federal Government was displeased with the three days of fighting in the port city and the arrest of a top Somali National Army commander.

“AMISOM Section Two forces purposefully arrested government appointed division 43 SNA commander, Col. Abbas Ibrahim Gurey,” Abdishakur Mire said.

Mire further added that the the AMISOM Section Two forces supported one side of the two fighting factions, and further accused them of conducting a targeted offensive against civilians and the SNA command center in Kismayo which he described as “unfortunate”.

Apart from demanding for the removal of the AMISOM Section Two forces, Mire said the Somali Federal Government want the establishment and the dispatch of a fact finding mission to assess the situation in Kismayo.

Mire further added that the federal government wants the immediate release of Col. Abbas Ibrahim Gure to resume his military duty in the region.

The Deputy Minister said that an African Union Political Officer to the region not part of AMISOM Section Two should be appointed, adding that humanitarian intervention to prevent further crisis and assist the civilian victims in Kismayo should be put into effect.

The AMISOM forces joined the Kenya Defence Forces who in 2011 went into Somalia to deal with the al Shabaab menace following several attacks in Kenyan territory which included the killing and kidnapping of foreign nationals.


Source: The Star