Somali President received credential from Britain ambassador


The president of the Somali Federal government Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Tuesday received credential from the new Britain ambassador to Somalia.

Ambassador Neil Wigan, Britain’s new ambassador to Somalia has today handed over his credential to the Somali premier.

After receiving the credential, Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has praised the Britain government for its commitment in Somali peace process, stating that Britain one of the leading donors for the war-torn horn of Africa nation.

The new ambassador who will replace the outgoing Matt Bough has also presented a message from the Britain Prime Minister David Cameroon to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The Somali foreign affairs minister, who is also the deputy Prime Minister Fowzia Hajji Aden also attended the meeting.

Since last year when the new president of Somalia took office dozens of foreign diplomats have returned back to Somalia capital, Mogadishu. The United Nations and the European Union already maintained special missions in Mogadishu.


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Source: Bar-kulan