Somalia in Process of Forming Telecommunications Regulations


Representatives from the Somali government and private businesses met in Dubai to discuss a draft bill to regulate the country’s telecommunications sector, Somalia’s Hiiraan Online reported Monday (July 1st).

Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications Abdullahi Ilmoge Hirsi praised Somalia’s telecommunications sector for providing services over the past two decades of civil war, but warned the unregulated environment cannot continue.

“They made a remarkable effort to expand the country’s telecommunications, but lack of regulatory laws led to the misuse of our spectrum,” he said. “Our aim is not to interfere with the telecommunications companies but to put in place regulatory laws that can uphold the interests of consumers and suppliers.”

The bill is expected to be tabled in parliament after a period to gather stakeholders’ opinions.

The International Telecommunications Union, a UN agency that co-ordinates international co-operation and works to improve infrastructure in the developing world, promised to assist the Somali government and telecommunications companies in creating a better cooperative environment so they can work together.

Source: Sabahi