Comment on: The UN Somalia Monitoring Group: An Insult to Somalia’s Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Political Independence

SecurityCouncilThe author of the article is right in several aspects mainly the manner which the Group has used to probe or display their findings, also I agree with him that the group did not, in somehow, provide the due respect merited to Somalia as sovereign state, it seems they behaved more like freelance whistleblowers though they had a mandate from the UN. Unfortunately such sarcastic dealings are not limited to this group, even our neighboring countries are now tacitly arguing to nominate regional governors of our country. Within ourselves we use to practice similar irony. Look at how some autonomous regional governors are challenging the very basic federal authorities not only internally but also in the international foras.
The lingering question however is; Are the group’s findings that revealed such contemptible widespread misuse, treason, misappropriation, theft and so on, are true and genuine. If it confirmed genuine, we have only to blame ourselves and accept that we failed to come up with entrusted responsibility.
The UN and its sanctions committee in the Security Council also failed to take reprimand acts against perpetrators specifically at a time the central government does not have power to enact or control the country as a whole. Those criminals are enjoying at full liberty to travel, buy property in foreign countries and run business founded with the plundered funds. Let alone, some of them are now ambitious to run public offices.
What we see is only report after report, with same crimes and criminals continuing to maneuver. Issuing reports with evidences does not make sense if there are no thwarting measures in place. The funds misappropriated are donations that the UN and other individual donor states collected from philanthropists.
We are witnessing every year that these funds are being plundered brazenly. If the whole matters end up to this trend, I would advise UNSC the termination of the group’s mandate and halt more funds that being spent in the investigation and surveillance process.
Mohamed O. Eyow