Mogdishu TEDx talk faces security challenges


The Associated Press

The short talks by artists and intellectuals at events known as TEDx have been held 7,500 times in more than 150 countries, but organizers say there may not be an event more challenging or dangerous as the TEDx talk being held this Saturday in Somalia.
Baghdad and post-conflict Tripoli, Libya have each hosted TEDx talks. But Nate Mook, the co-organizer of Saturday’s event, thinks Mogadishu is likely the most challenging location.

Saturday’s lineup will showcase Somalia’s budding stars. Iman Elman is a 21-year-old commander in Somalia’s military in charge of a battalion of nearly 100 men. Mohamed Mahamoud Sheik, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, opened Mogadishu’s first dry cleaner.

TED is an organization built on the theme of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” TEDx events are community events to showcase local ideas and talent.