President calls on international partners to support the New Deal Compact


His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today called on Somalia’s international partners to back the country’s recovery through the new Compact and deliver lasting progress for the Somali people in partnership with the federal government.

Speaking in Brussels at the New Deal for Somalia Conference, the president welcomed the transformation in the international community’s engagement with Somalia.

“The New Deal will help Somalia lay a strong foundation for building reliable, transparent, accountable and functioning state institutions, respectful of the fundamental rights and freedoms and equality of its citizens,” the president said.

The president updated Somalia’s international partners on progress in many areas, beginning with security, which remains the government’s single highest priority. It is training several thousand troops, integrating clan militias into a national army, rehabilitating defectors from Al Shabaab, instilling loyalty and discipline, increasing security patrols and taking tough measures against human rights abuses.

President Mohamud shared the positive developments on political outreach, reconciliation, judicial reform, constitutional review and a new maritime strategy. The ongoing reforms in public finance management also took centre-stage.

The President called on international partners to support the money transfer system which is the lifeline of poor people and requested their support to encourage Barclays Bank to postpone the suspension of Somali remittance accounts.

“It is the poor people who will suffer most from this measure. We also call on all remittance companies to be completely law-abiding and transparent in their operations in order to provide confidence to the banks.”

Looking forward, President Mohamud outlined his “Vision 2016”, focusing on the work already completed and the remaining tasks necessary to ensure successful national elections leading to a democratically elected government in 2016.

“I am very confident that with our collective leadership and courage we can continue this journey to a successful conclusion,” the president said. “The New Deal must deliver on the ground. Let us rally round to rebuild Somalia together. Let us make sure the Compact revolutionizes the international community’s approach to a country shattered by war and ready to enjoy the fruits of peace. The best possible legacy of the New Deal is a New Somalia.”