President Hassan in Washington DC ahead of the UNGA Summit


The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E Hassan Sh. Mohamud, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Fowzia H. Yusuf Adam, Minister of Finance H.E Mohamud Hassan Suleyman, State House Minister H.E Farah Sh. Abdulakadir, and senior advisers to the President arrived in Washington DC today to meet with several high level U.S. government officials.

On this trip, President Hassan’s main aim is to engage with the US government and encourage them to increase its defense and security support to the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The support will play a significant role in restoring peace, in Somalia.

President Hassan met with Senator John McCain of Arizona (R), and several US Congressmen, and discussed on how to best support Somalia and it’s quest in state institution building. The US government continues to show unwavering support to the Federal Government of Somalia.