The President met with World leaders in New York City to discuss security in Somalia


Meeting with the Turkish President

President Hassan Sh. Mohamud met today with several world leaders, including The Turkish President H.E. Abdullah Gul, The Emir of Qatar, H.H. Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al- Thani and former US Secretary of State Ms. Hilary Clinton discussing wide range of issues including the overall security in Somalia and the rest of the world.

President Hassan thanked the Turkish President for the unwavering support from both the people and the government of Turkey support to Somalia. “In Somalia Turkey have a special place in our history.” President Hassan alarmed his counterpart about the threat of terrorism despite the decline of Al-Shabaab and urged the urgent need to boost the Somalia security forces in order to achieve a lasting peace in the Horn of Africa.

President Hassan’s meeting with the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani

President Mohamud stated “The nature of these terrorist groups is that when they are defeated, they’ll try to make the innocent civilian suffer. There’s good number of foreign fighters but we need to fight them all. But the solution for the problems is building the Somali security forces. The government also is working to fight extremist through ideology, we’ve done counter extremism conference, and many are to follow.”

The Emir of Qatar comforted the President of Somalia by saying “We will continue your Excellency, working together, and Somalia will be stable inshallah”.

Meeting with Former Secretary of State Clinton

President Hassan also met with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The President noted “we are also launched Vision 2016 – we want to avoid extension and recycling the old processes – elders shouldn’t be selecting parliament, we need to have elections in 2016, party laws, electoral systems and referendum for the Constitution.”

“We envision building a professional Somali Security Forces, We’ve engaged our neighbors and the troop contributing countries.” President Hassan Sheikh said. Due to the international recognition, now we gained the support of the World Bank, the IMF and African development bank, we’ve signed the Cotonough Agreement

Tomorrow afternoon President Hassan Sh. Mohamud is expected to address Head of States at the United Nation’s General Assembly. In his expected historic speech the President will focus more on security issues.