“Police discipline is the prerequisite of public confidence,” President declares, opening new training course for officers


H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, today opened a 45-day training course for 450 police officers in Mogadishu. The Minister of Interior & National Security, the Police Commissioner and the Chief of Intelligence were also among the participants at the ceremony.

The President of Somalia during his speech said: “Police discipline is the prerequisite of public confidence. This training will enhance your skills-set, knowledge, discipline, and expertise required for police officers to protect the people, your number one duty as officers. And this training will give confidence to the people you are here to serve. This small ceremony today is yet another step towards self-reliance in security and I congratulate you for being a part of that.”

The President officially opened the training course and stated the importance of the government prioritizing security, which is the backbone of stability and prosperity in Somalia.

The President noted the enormous progress in security in recent months. “I congratulate our brave security forces who are ready to defend our people, our religion and our country, while working in a difficult environment and serving to protect the people,” he said. “Our top priority is security, providing training and rights to security forces. We have started paying the long neglected salaries of security forces and increased their food allowances.”

President Hassan emphasized the importance of training courses and said: “Education is absolutely fundamental and all our security forces require on-going training to enhance their knowledge and expertise, which will help the protection of the people. Training instills the professionalism which will be the foundation of our new security forces and the basis of the popular trust they must have across Somalia to succeed.”