President encourages United Nations Security Council to back calls for greater support to Somali National Forces and increase in AMISOM troops


His Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, today called on the United Nations Security Council “to back calls for greater support for the Somali National Security Forces and an increase in AMISOM forces”, ahead of a special session of the UN Security Council on Somalia taking place on 30 October 2013.

The United Nations Security Council will hold a special session on Somalia to discuss a package of logistical and non-lethal support to the Somali National Army. Support would include transport, food, fuel, shelter and medical support, in order to strengthen the Somali National Armys’ ability to hold and expand recovered areas. The Council will also debate the recommendation of an increase in the number of uniformed AMISOM personnel of 6,235 troops and police, including a three battalion surge. As well as providing force-multipliers and enablers that have previously been approved by the Security Council but have not yet been successfully deployed.

Speaking ahead of the Security Council session the President, said: “Somalia has made huge progress across many areas in the last year and in particular on security. Al-Shabaab has been driven back but is not yet finished. We must continue to make advances while the momentum is with us.

“The long-term security and stability of Somalia will ultimately lie with the Somali National Security Forces, who along with AMISOM need to be given the tools and resources to finish the job.

“I urge the Security Council to back the recommendations to provide greater support to the Somali National Security Forces. Paying a small price now to increase the capacity of Somali forces will save us all paying a much higher price later.”