Somalia: Discussions Held With Ethiopian Community in Somaliland


Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (Addis Ababa)

A community meeting jointly organized by the Ethiopian Community Association and the Ethiopian Consulate General office in Hargeisa was held on Thursday. Over five hundred Ethiopian community members living in Hargeisa and its surroundings including Burao, Borama and Togo Wajale participated in the meeting.

Participants were briefed on the new Ethiopian Diaspora Policy aimed to deepen participation of Ethiopians in development efforts and harness the benefits. The community members were also briefed about the Ethiopian Government’s housing scheme intended to benefit all Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

The Consul General, Brigadier General Berhe Tesfay, expressed the readiness of his office to provide all possible support to Ethiopians living in the different parts of Somaliland. He welcomed the activities of the Hargeisa Ethiopian Community Association in addressing the challenges facing the community despite its financial and material capacity.

He called for the existing Ethiopian Community Associations to be strengthened and for new associations to be established where appropriate, adding that the Consulate General will provide necessary assistance.

The Consul General while noting the encouraging role that Ethiopian communities were playing in reinforcing the growing Government-to-Government as well as people-to-people relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland, also urged all Ethiopian communities to strengthen their levels of cooperation to help ensure peace, security and stability in Somaliland, Ethiopia and the region at large.