SOMALIA: NUSOJ Is Shocked By Heinous Assassination Attempt Against a TV journalist in Mogadishu


The National Union of Somali Journalists [NUSOJ] is shocked by theheinous assassination attempt against a TV journalist Mohamed MohamudTimacadde 26, who was working with Universal TV in Mogadishu today 22nd October, 2013.

According to local sources and family members who spoke with NUSOJ, the journalist was attacked by unidentified men armed with pistols around 7.00 A.m today Tuesday shortly after he left his home at Wadajir district in Mogadishu.

The assailants who were driving on a car hit against the journalist’s car and when the journalist stopped his car to look what happened the assailants immediately started shooting the journalist. They shot six bullets on his head, chest, stomach and backside of his shoulder.

The Journalist was rushed to Medina Hospital with critical injuries. He has undergone the first emergency operation. Doctors now say he will need another operation to remove the bullets from his body.

“We condemn this shocking attack targeted to our brother Mohamed Mohamud Timcadde as it is another direct attack against the free media in Somalia.” NUSOJ Secretary-General Mohamed Ibrahim said. “We call urgent investigation to all attacks against the media people. Perpetrators of crime must not go at large now.”

Mr Ibrahim said that despite peace and tranquility relatively returned back to the capital, the Somali journalists are yet vulnerable to attacks by the armed groups.

NUSOJ officials who visited the hospital shortly after the attack saw the journalist who was unconscious condition. NUSOJ also called blood donation for the journalist as he will go into second operation.