Aid Worker Held Hostage In Somalia Honors Her Navy SEAL Rescuers


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s not often we get to hear the details of top-secret missions carried out by the U.S. Military; but Saturday night, a former hostage told her story at the inaugural Pittsburgh Pays Tribute Gala fundraiser.

The first-ever event was held at the Heinz History Center.

Jessica Buchanan was the keynote speaker.

“Some days, it’s all you can think about; and some days, you just don’t think about it at all,” she says of her ordeal.

The humanitarian aid worker was captured by pirates in Somalia in 2011; and after three months, rescued by Navy SEALs.

“That’s why I continue to speak out about my experience, because I want people to know what amazing men are out there, what they’re doing, what they’re sacrificing, what they’re families are going through, because they’re knights in shining armor that come in, they do their job, and then they fade into the background,” Buchanan added.

The same elite forces that took down Osama bin Laden also rescued Buchanan and her Danish colleague.

The SEALs killed nine pirates during a gunfight and then whisked them away to safety.

“I don’t know the guys that came and rescued me, I’ve never seen them again, and I don’t know their names. I don’t know anything about them, and they put their lives on the line, and I feel it’s very important to share that and to tell people about the brave men and women who are serving our country,” Buchanan said.

Proceeds from Pittsburgh Pays Tribute will help families of fallen warriors through the 31 Heroes Project and Navy SEALs Foundation.