President Hassan: “Somalia will soon ratify the International Convention on Children’s Rights”


H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, today pledged that Somalia would soon ratify the International Convention on Children’s Rights. The President made his remarks during a visit to Hamar Jab-Jab School in Mogadishu marking International Children’s Day. Somalia, South Sudan and the US have yet to ratify the 1989 convention.

“Education is like light – without it it is simply impossible to survive,” said the President in a speech at the mixed boys and girls school. “Today is International Children’s Day, a suitable moment for us to reflect that we must ensure our children receive all their basic rights, above all free quality education. And a suitable moment, also, to declare that the Somali government will soon be ratifying the International Convention on Children’s Rights. Today’s visit shows our commitment to this landmark and also to our determination to implement our Go to School policy, our aim to provide free quality education to at least one million children within the next three years. It is a real challenge but we must make it.”

The President said: “Education is the one real deposit that will not run out, and no one can take it away from you during your lifetime. I spent most of my life in education, as a student, as a teacher, and as a Dean, so I know from long personal experience the value and importance of education. You students should ensure you pursue your education because you are the future leaders of the country. You are tomorrow’s generation of leaders in all walks of life in Somalia.”

The President appealed to all Somalis, including businessmen and women, the diaspora, and parents to ensure that all Somali children receive a decent education.