Prime Minister calls on Jubba to be “the symbol of federal success in Somalia”


His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon today called on the Jubba region to be “the symbol of federal success in Somalia.”

Opening the three day Reconciliation Conference for Jubba Communities today in Mogadishu, which brought together all the clans and communities from the Jubba regions, the Prime Minister said:

“We are all Somalis, whatever region or clan we come from. The government’s constitutional mandate is to establish a federal state as the end goal and that is what we are working towards. It is a complex and difficult process but something this government will not shy away from, as is evident through the Addis Ababa agreement and today’s conference. But it will not happen overnight”.

The Prime Minister committed the government to meeting the Addis Ababa agreement in full which was also supported by all delegates participating in the reconciliation conference.

Strong federal states are the future of a stable and united Somalia, the Prime Minister said:

“Peace is the most potent weapon, the brave thing to do is to go for an inclusive, peaceful and stable region. I want the Interim Jubba Administration to be the stepping stone to a full-fledged Jubbaland federal state and the symbol of federal success in Somalia.

“The future new Somalia will be built on strong federalist states under the banner of a united Somalia.”