Prime Minister opens first National Health Conference encouraging Somali health professionals to “help transform Somalia’s health service”


His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon today opened the first National Health Conference, encouraging Somali health professionals practicing abroad and in Somalia to “help transform Somalia’s health service”.

Somalia’s first National Health Conference organised by the Ministry of Human Development and Public Services opened today in Mogadishu. Over three days 400 health professionals, delegates from across Somalia and international partners will discuss how to transform Somalia’s health sector. Participants will produce recommendations and operational guidelines on strengthening the Somali health system, improving health service delivery and health financing and regulation.

“Two decades of unrest left our people with having no national healthcare to be able to turn to when in need, resulting in Somalia having some of the worst health indices in the world, in particular maternal and child mortality rates.

“The first steps towards rebuilding our national health service have begun, the Essential Package of Health Services and Joint Health and Nutrition Program, have begun to be rolled out and are providing basic health services in several regions of Somalia,” the Prime Minister said.

Somali health professionals working abroad have a key role to play, the Prime Minister, said: “We have lost a large number of trained health professionals overseas but now when we are rebuilding our health service is when we need those skills and expertise the most. I call out to the large number of Somali nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals practicing abroad and encourage them to come home to help rebuild and transform our health service.”

The Minister of Human Development and Public Services, Dr. Maryan Qasim, said: “the current stability gives us the opportunity to rebuild our health service.”

“There is no politics in providing healthcare and I am pleased to welcome here today representatives from every region of Somalia.

“Looking at where the health service was just a year ago and where it is today gives us hope for the future. We aim to expand the health services and programs we have launched across the whole of Somalia so that every Somali has access to basic health services regardless of where they live,” she said.