Somali Government unveils 2014 budget proposal


By Somalicurrent

Somalia’s Federal Government has on Sunday unveiled its 2014 budget proposal, which is more than this year’s budget.

In total, the government plans to spend $219 million, which $128 million of the budget is local income from tax, according to the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Somali Minister of Finance and Planning Mohamud Hassan Saleban, who read the budget in front of the cabinet, said that the government will spend more than the budget of this year.

“The budget is more than the one of this year, $128 million of the money is local income, while $91 million will come from the donors,” Mohamud said, adding that there is $137 million of fund intended for development, which is not included the government’s budget.

Earlier November, Ministry of Finance and Planning reported that the income of the government has significantly increased, indicating that 11 months ago the government used to receive income of $2.2 million.

The budget now awaits the approval of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.