SOMALIA: Police Chief says the capacity SPF will be boosted up


Somali Police Chief General Abdihakin Dahir Said has said his command will ensure to boost up the capacity of the Somali Police Forces in order they can able to handle the terrorost activities and other serious crimes, RBC Radio reports.

General Said is currently visiting Beledweyn town, central Somalia where a deadly terrorist attack killed more than 20 people mostly from the members of the Somali Police Forces.

“We are working hard to make the capability of our police forces as required so that they can prevent any crime and investigate those committed by the terrorist groups.” the police chief added.

He has paid gratitude to the work of the police forces in Beledweyn for utmost efforts to safeguard the life of the people and secure the provisional capital of Hiiraan.

“Bit still we need to increase the number of the police in the region and to give capacity building and strategic trainings.” General Said said.

RBC Radio