Eighteen media houses to establish a new Somali media consortium named: Somali Independent Media Houses Association – SIMHA


We are pleased to announce that a new media consortium named Somali Independent Media Houses Association – SIMHA, is established today (26-December-2013) by a group of media houses in Somalia. The new media consortium now represents a total 18 member media houses with additional media entities expected to join in the near future. Membership is open. We’re thrilled to welcome all prominent media companies into our partnership. Under licensed at the new consortium, the media houses are already in operational across the capital and all major cities of Somalia.

The consortium serves to create a more informed public and expanding the perspectives of our media houses by strengthening the civic and cultural life of communities we serve. The role of the SIMHA is to help member media houses drive innovation across their coverage areas. We do that by convening people around new ideas, and by building communities that encourage exploration and experimentation. Partnering with professional journalists and media workers, our media houses bring youth perspectives on pressing issues of the day via syndication to major media outlets.

SIMHA will develop dialogues among the media owners, present ideas to develop the business advertisement in the industry which is currently looming and will boost the capacity of the media managers in managerial wise to ensure the industry’s sustainability and the development of Editorial policy for its members. Freedom of expression and the media freedoms, peace development and human rights are at the heart of this association.

Here is the list of member media houses:

1. Radio Dalsan,
2. Radio Star FM,
3. Radio Banaadir,
4. Radio Danan,
5. Radio Banadir,
6. VOD Radio Xamar,
7. Wadaag Radio,
8. Radio Maanta,
9. Radio Baydhabo,
10. Radio VOS (Kismaayo),
11. Radio Simba,
12. Radio Jowhar,
13. Radio Afgoye,
14. Radio Merka,
15. Radio Xurmo,
16. Al-ixsaan, Cadaado Galguduud
17. Codka bartamaha, Hiiraan
18. Radio Horyaal