Government Spokesperson statement on Mogadishu trial


Responding to the Mogadishu court verdict on the trial of a woman and two journalists, Government Spokesperson, Ridwaan Haji, today said:

“We have an independent judiciary in Somalia and the government cannot and must not be involved in the administration of justice. Our new, independent judiciary, like many institutions in the new Somalia, is in its infancy. It will take time to develop and evolve into an institution that delivers justice effectively and inspires public confidence.

“I reiterate the government’s commitment to a free press and freedom of speech. It is essential that journalists are able to work freely and effectively but they must also take their role in society seriously and demonstrate social responsibility.

“The police and judiciary carried out a thorough investigation which resulted in yesterday’s sentences. Those sentenced have the right to appeal through the Somali judiciary system if they believe justice has not been carried out properly.”