New E-passport will help secure Somalia’s borders, says president


XasanSheekh20131222_4His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today launched Somalia’s new e-passport, hailing it as an important step for national and international security.

The President said: “Now that we are well on the road to recovery after two decades of war, it is right that Somalia should take advantage of the latest technological advances available to protect our borders. This new e-passport will provide a significant boost to the security of Somalia, as well as that of the international community.”

“While we know that earlier passports were forged and in some cases wrongly issued when there were inadequate systems in place, the new passports are much more secure and will provide an additional defence against terrorists and other criminals. It is essential we know at all times exactly who is coming into Somalia and who is exiting. Terrorism and many other illegal activities are transnational nowadays and we must ensure the integrity of our border for our security and that of our international partners.”

The new e-passport will be issued by the Department of Immigration in the Ministry of Interior. It will be made available to Somalis on production of birth certificates and national identity documents, which will be issued by local authorities.