Congratulation to President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas: The Newly Elected President of Somalia’s Puntland State


The Puntland Parliament elected Professor Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas as the next president of the Puntland State for the next five years, following a free and fair election. The incumbent President, Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamoud Farole, gracefully conceded defeat and congratulated Professor Abdiweli for his victory in this closely contested election.

On behalf of Puntland Diaspora Forum (PDF), we congratulate the President – elect for his victory. We also congratulate the former President and the members of Parliament for the peaceful transition of power.

Peaceful transition of power through a free and fair democratic election is something that all nations aspire to. It is, therefore, a great day for the people of Puntland State of Somalia for carrying such a transition.

PDF recognizes the serious challenges ahead, yet PDF is confident that the new President will fulfill his election promises to usher in dynamic governance, respect for human rights and tangible socio-politico-economic development including the enhancement of the participation of women in public institutions. PDF is also confident that the President-elect will work with the Somali Federal Government, Somali civil organizations and the international community towards the creation of a genuine federal system of governance that is based on the will of the people.

Another priority for the new Administration is to put forward a comprehensive plan to extend the State governance organs throughout the Puntland State’s founding regions; accompanied with concrete implementation strategy aimed at fair distribution of development projects.

Finally, PDF encourages the President-elect to reach out and exploit the vast human resources of the Puntland Diaspora in drafting and implementing sound strategic policies and programs. PDF will be happy to contribute towards that objective.

Puntland Diaspora Forum (PDF), Media and Publication Office.