President hails new Council of Ministers and calls for continued progress and reform


His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today approved the Prime Minister’s proposed appointment of a new Council of Ministers, hailing a “government of many talents”.

“I have pleasure in approving the Prime Minister’s decision and selection. The Council of Ministers, selected to represent all areas of Somalia, has my full confidence and trust. This is a government of many talents. They now have a great responsibility to accomplish the reforms essential to the rebuilding of the country.”

“Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed has my full support, and I assure the Somali people and our international friends that we recognise the hard work before us. We are committed to real change that can be seen, felt and trusted by every Somali.”

“We are under no illusions that the government has a formidable challenge in the sheer scale of its agenda. We need to continue extending security, improve public services delivery, accelerate public finances reform and make further progress in building a federal Somalia.”

“I now request the Parliament to fulfil its constitutional role and approve the Council selection, so that the Government can continue this ambitious programme of reforms that are so critical to the stabilisation and development of Somalia.”